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As the pioneer for the internet-accessible Cybercare system, ERIKIDS understands the demands of the information technology era. That’s why we strive to develop your child’s IT talents to the fullest. Computer specialists hone their skills through continuous experimentation. Perhaps this exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of computers might even set your child up to be the next Bill Gates!

Our highly experienced tutors lead your child through highly acclaimed computer programs. Our Cyber-Media programme consists of:

1) Fun with Words: 
In learning how to construct the words of his/her vocabulary, your child will first explore the proper way of using a computer keyboard. Let your child become an expert in mouse and keyboarding skills.

2) Fun with Creative Graphics: 
Discover your child’s talent for sketching and drawing using colourful graphics tools. Let your child impress you with their own uniquely designed greeting cards for every occasion. This is art for the new millennium!

3) Fun with Mini-Projects: 
There’s nothing better than taking pride in one’s work! Let your child be filled with sense of accomplishment when he / she successfully completes one of the many fun mini-projects of our curriculum. Your child will learn basic computer technology skills to create multimedia slideshows and artistic masterpieces. Our students will even have the chance to expand their knowledge together by exploring online reference sources and encyclopaedias.



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