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In this digital, technological era, the English language plays an even more important role than ever. Our international team of experts in childhood education has tailored our holistic Queen’s English Programme especially for the Malaysian classroom. At ERIKIDS, we honour our commitment to excellence!

ERIKIDS’ comprehensive English curriculum consists of three interrelated programmes:
ERIKIDS empowers students to absorb the English language naturally and progressively. Our 17 levels of ERIKIDS Readers combine the whole-language method with phonetics awareness. Through word-recognition and meaning perception practice, the whole-language approach enables a child to recall a wide variety of vocabulary words. Children also learn how to recognize and reproduce individual sounds through systematic phonics training. This two-pronged approach achieves a solid foundation of essential skills for young readers.

Furthermore, the pronunciation skills gained in our reading syllabus are supported by our dynamic Fun with Phonics Programme. This programme is specially designed to enhance a child’s ability to produce the sounds of everyday speech. With the structured incorporation of initials, finals, digraphs, and blends, a child can master the pronunciations and combine them into meaningful speech. Our phonics programme not only cultivates an enthusiasm for reading, but will help your child to speak English fluently and with precision.

While the importance of excellent reading and listening skills cannot be undervalued, ERIKIDS also recognizes that the ability to speak and write in the language are vital to effective communication. Unfortunately, as evidenced by a recent study of Malaysian youth, the essential verbal and written skills tend to be under-emphasized in our local schools and society. To avoid this setback, young children should be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas both orally and in written form.

The Queen’s English Programme at ERIKIDS ensures that your child will be able to speak and write with confidence. We incorporate basic grammar concepts for good writing skills in our Structure Programme. This strong foundation in grammar is an absolutely essential component to mastering the English language.



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