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Nowadays, teaching mathematics to young children must go beyond the rote-learning techniques of reciting numbers. Children must be guided in developing the fundamental reasoning skills necessary for practical problem-solving.

ERIKIDS’ Power Maths programme approaches mathematical reasoning methods with the goal of enhancing a child’s ability to think logically. Reasoning skills are more sophisticated than basic thinking skills because it means that a child can support an argument with evidence or facts. The process of logical thinking leads to a correct solution. ERIKIDS’ programme is designed to encourage young children to think, reason and find a solution to simple mathematical questions with the guidance from qualified and experienced teachers.

Our programme endows a child with problem-solving skills through physical hands-on activities. Children are engaged through instructional games that enhance their mental abilities. Exercises in the workbooks help to reinforce their improvement and understanding of mathematical basics.

Furthermore, our maths syllabus incorporates various local and international themes linked to other disciplines of the ERIKIDS curriculum. This way, children can learn these new concepts with a broader perspective through enriching activities. Our students emerge from the Power Maths programme with the solid foundation for becoming independent and rational thinkers.



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