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In this digital, technological era, the English language plays an even more important role than ever. Our international team of experts in childhood education has tailored our holistic Queen’s English Programme especially for the Malaysian classroom. At ERIKIDS, we honour our commitment to excellence!..


We are very keen to see children excel in Academics. But we also wish to instill good Muslim values in them by teaching the love of Islam and related religious knowledge to the young children under our care. In our Agama program children are exposed to Jawi letter recognition and writing…


Our Bahasa Melayu programme covers a blending of “sukukata”, and a comprehensive set of vocabulary development and grammar as well. It is a step-by step approach that builds up your child’s proficiency in Bahasa Melayu. As this is our national language, ERIKIDS has been putting a greater emphasis on…


Our Mandarin course has two different sets of syllabus which will prepare our students for either the Bahasa or the Chinese stream when they enter primary schools. The unique features of our Mandarin syllabus ensure a systematic and enjoyable training in the language spoken by over a billion of the world’s population…


Nowadays, teaching mathematics to young children must go beyond the rote-learning techniques of reciting numbers. Children must be guided in developing the fundamental reasoning skills necessary for practical problem-solving. ERIKIDS’ Power Maths programme approaches mathematical …


Listening to classical music such as Mozart can result in a 10 percent increase in one’s intelligence quotient, according to scientific research. Moreover, music trains the human brain for higher levels of thinking. The thought processes involved in problem-solving, deduction, inference, analysis and evaluation of information are all enhanced with repeated exposure to music….


Our specially-designed Fun Fitness programme is exciting, safe and individually structured to suit your child’s needs. Through creative games and nurturing guidance, pre-schoolers enjoy fun and instructional physical fitness activities. Our professional instructors have designed fun-filled activities that ensure personal attention with m…


The renowned European artist Pablo Picasso once said that adults should not teach children to draw. Instead, children should be allowed to express their own originality – and adults should try to learn from them. Children have an innate desire to express their own interpretation of our complex yet fascinating world. For each and every child, creative play that develops the imagination….


As the pioneer for the internet-accessible Cybercare system, ERIKIDS understands the demands of the information technology era. That’s why we strive to develop your child’s IT talents to the fullest. Computer specialists hone their skills through continuous experimentation. Perhaps this exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of co…


Enjoying our environment is an integral and exciting part of a child’s early education. For proof of this, one needs only to take a stroll outdoors with any young child and experience their fascination with the world around them. They’re extraordinarily curious, ask many questions and learn by looking and listening. At ERIKIDS, we believe that children should be encouraged to explore information about nature, shapes, and patterns in our Quantum Science programme…


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