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Listening to classical music such as Mozart can result in a 10 percent increase in one’s intelligence quotient, according to scientific research. Moreover, music trains the human brain for higher levels of thinking. The thought processes involved in problem-solving, deduction, inference, analysis and evaluation of information are all enhanced with repeated exposure to music.

ERIKIDS recognizes that music prepares children for reading skills by developing their ability to make distinctions between a wide range of sound patterns. This exposure to music can train students to listen carefully and with full concentration. This early sensitization will also help students to interpret spoken language more easily for a better understanding of poetry, drama and role-play performances. Listening to music helps to develop a child’s mind and the imagination in particular.

Music also contributes to speech development patterns as it provides opportunities to exercise and control the instrument of speech: the voice. The ability to modulate one’s voice and vary the intonation allows for a wider capability for expression. ERIKIDS students will have the chance to practice their language skills when singing interesting lyrics.

The ERIKIDS Music programme is a wonderful opportunity to train your child’s listening, speaking and concentration skills as they explore the myriad moods of a musical imagination.



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