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Enjoying our environment is an integral and exciting part of a child’s early education. For proof of this, one needs only to take a stroll outdoors with any young child and experience their fascination with the world around them. They’re extraordinarily curious, ask many questions and learn by looking and listening. At ERIKIDS, we believe that children should be encouraged to explore information about nature, shapes, and patterns in our Quantum Science programme.

ERIKIDS cultivates in children an appreciation for scientific phenomena through interesting exploratory activities. Developmentally appropriate experiments have been designed to engage students’ perceptions about their everyday lives. Hands-on activities allow young children to experience and explore the world around them.

Furthermore, ERIKIDS enables our students to express their thoughts about what they see. All activities allow students to learn how to categorise and sort information; the process of learning is more important than the final result.

While children cannot be expected to understand abstract scientific principles, we intend to engage a child’s natural curiosity in essential observations about the natural world. The ERIKIDS Quantum Science programme is the first step to achieving future scientific discoveries!



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