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Dr. Bala

Father of 5-year-old Teerath

Erikids has proved its niche in creating positive learning environments and providing teachers who are dedicated and highly experienced in child development. I believe my child will be equipped with the best academic skills and enjoy an enhanced personal wellbeing, both of which will definitely prepare him for future success.

Mr. Richard

Father of 6-year-old Russell

EriKids has provided my child with a wholesome form of education whereby children are taught not just reading, counting and writing but are also instilled with a foundation for soft skills to better equip them.

Datin Norela

Grandmother of 6-year-old Muhd Rayyan Danish and 4-year-old Nur Iris Adriana

Incredibly well-rounded in child development, Erikids encourages the kids to be resourceful, kind and compassionate, not just intellectuals.

Mr. and Mrs. Aleck & Loveness

Embassy of the Rep of Zimbabwe in Malaysia

Our association with Erikids dates back to January 2011 when we enrolled our son Anenyasha. We had recently arrived in Malaysia and Erikids helped our son to adjust to his new lifestyle and surroundings. As parents, we were looking for a pre-school with not only physical facilities but whose staff were welcoming and dedicated to the development of our kid. Erikids fitted this bill quite well. Highly satisfied, we did not hesitate to send our daughter, Kutenda, to Erikids when she was old enough. Both Anenyasha and Kutenda later went on to enrol in international schools and encountered no problems at all. Erikids is an international pre-school in its own right; its multi-cultural environment is buttressed by the school’s diverse and enriched curriculum. In the modern globalised world, Erikids is a good platform for early childhood development.

En Munir Shah bin Mohamed Husan

Father of Layla

The time spent by Layla for the last 2 years has played a major role in her overall progress in her education as well as growing as a person / kid. The strength of the teachers who are passionate and committed to develop the kids is indeed one of the strongest strength of Erikids. We are grateful and would like to thank all of you for such a wonderful contribution to the development of our child. I wish Erikids all the success and to continue the excellent work. 

Mrs. Nadar Fadhl Salem

Lamar Nezar Sheikh Pre 3

Overall, I am impressed with the school’s team and their efforts to bring the children’s potential to a higher standard. My child has doubled her knowledge and revealed so much talent. Thanks to the continuous support given by the teachers and school principal. It has been a pleasure of mine enrolling Lamar in your school. We will dearly miss you all.

Ms. Nurbaya


Why Erikids? Because of the Principal, Anna. She is Erikids. She breathes the mantra of good education for children. I placed both of my children in this school. Although there was a 12 year gap between them and many more new schools have emerged since, I knew Erikids was still the best place for my second child and I wouldn’t dream of putting my children anywhere else. Erikids was their home away from home. The school taught my children to read, to learn and to grow but it also allowed them to play and be kids in a safe and caring environment. Kudos to Anna. Kudos to Erikids.



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